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"Without a process it was difficult getting our executive team the information they needed"

When Lynn Gabriel came on as the new chief operating officer there were a few areas of the business to improve and fixing the purchasing process was high on the priority list.

A growing team in the heart of America, Mainstream Fiber Networks was beginning to feel the stress of a growing business with more buildings, projects and purchases to handle. 

By moving away from paper and Excel, Mainstream Fiber Networks used Procurify to implement a new purchasing process which gave the executive team more visibility into spend and spread accountability to the entire company.


"Procurify really takes purchasing from being a specialized back-office process to being something that is accessible to all of our employees and makes it possible for all of them to participate in the purchasing process. I don’t think that level of participation would be possible with a traditional ERP system."


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"It’s not just Procurify’s ability to free up their time, and create more efficiency, but the improvements in accuracy that it brings to reports is something that our accountants value greatly. The confidence with which our accounts guys finish their work has also gone up because of the interconnectedness of the ordering and the reconciliation modules.”

CEVDET SAMIKOGLU Chief Financial Officer

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How Samumed — the World’s Largest Biotech Startup — Doubled the Pace of Its Procurement Process

Earlier, Samumed’s lab personnel filed purchase requests through a single-user spreadsheet, and would have to wait their turn if someone else was using it. 

Their purchasing team used to have an entirely manual process. They would sort through the approved requests, group product requests by vendor, and call up sales reps to place their orders. Not only was this labor-intensive, it also left a lot of room for human error.

Even on the accounting side, the team had poor procurement visibility, and reconciling orders, payments and deliveries was a time-consuming process. Troubleshooting of inconsistencies required lengthy email and verbal communications, greatly extending the reconciliation period.


“When you have systems in place you can focus on the people. Having the backend automations and systems in place and you know everything is being taken care of, you can focus on the people, you can focus on the team, and we can focus on our patients.”

SEAN MASTERS, CO-FOUNDER & Director of rehab

Asco Aerospace

"Procurify gave us a new level of control. With Procurify we have an electronic trail of everything from the minute a request is entered, to when it is approved, to how long it took to purchase."

David Osterhout, Project Buyer

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A Shift from inefficient purchasing processes to an empowered spend culture

For Asco Aerospace, the difficulty was, primarily, in managing and tracking their purchase and expense requests. Prior to Procurify, purchasing was managed on Excel spreadsheets. Whenever someone needed to make a purchase, a form needed to be printed out which required a physical signature from a supervisor.

Documents would get lost during the process, it made it difficult to track the progress of requests, and filing the paperwork to be useful in the future was an unnecessary pain.

Procurify replaced their convoluted manual purchasing process with a simple user friendly solution.

Proactive spend culture

We are now in a data driven world. Expect more visibility into your company spending. A Proactive Spend Culture establishes better spend management practices and helps to make sure your company is informed before you spend.


Going from post purchase approvals to a proactive spend culture.

When purchasing is no longer a back-office process, then it can be extended to everyone in your organization..

For Cennox, they had one headquarters with the majority of their employees working away from the office. Without a central location, most employees felt they needed to take purchasing into their own hands. It was kind of the wild west when it came to purchasing.

Thankfully, spend management doesn’t have to be a reactive process.

With Procurify, all purchasing and expenses could be sent through a centralized system, giving you more control and visibility into spending before you spend.

Cennox Inc.

"Procurify really takes purchasing from being a specialized back-office process to being something that is accessible to all of our employees and makes it possible for all of them to participate in the purchasing process. I don’t think that level of participation would be possible with a traditional ERP system."

Kevin Broughton, Director of IT and Development.

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“For me, as a financial controller, the level of detail and visibility that Procurify provides into spending is very helpful. It’s a really good product.”


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For a cutting-edge company that’s trying to disrupt the intensely competitive EV space, Gotion spends a great deal of effort and money in sourcing the right equipment, parts and IT supplies.

Given the scale of its ordering and spending, Gotion wanted to ensure that every dollar leaving the bank was approved and accounted for. That’s how they found Procurify.

Meimei Fu, the financial controller at Gotion, explains how she used Procurify to build a Spend Culture that now allows Gotion to keep the right checks and balances on its spending.

Time & Money

Procurify is a system of record for your company spending. When purchases and expenses are put through Procurify it makes spend effective: leverage searchable an electronic trail, gain real time insights towards your budgets, approve or deny purchases BEFORE you spend, and more.

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