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"Before, our AP team would literally have to create a PO when the invoice receipt is available, and I would have to go through each line of those individually. Now, the integration just syncs through our ERP system, so I don’t have to go through anything."

Mark Pendon, Finance Operations Manager, Skip the Dishes

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Skip the Dishes saves hours in their requisition and invoice processes with Procurify

Finance Operations Manager Mark Pendon walks us through how Skip the Dishes identified the need to improve processes as they become a well known household brand.

Challenges associated with fast growth like hiring and getting company spending under control are tasks Mark and the team at Skip the Dishes were tasked to improve.

From manually checking reports line by line or getting important data into their accounting system, Skip the Dishes has saved hours for their team by implementing a system that helps them have better visibility into organization spend.

Asco Aerospace

"Before Procurify, we had a very ad-hoc system. It wasn’t really organized. We were using our ERP system to try to track down orders, and it was hard to track down who was requesting and who would approve any of the orders."



"Being so remote from the site itself, we couldn’t cross-check every single order to confirm whether we had received the right quantity of items, whether they were of good quality, or whether they had arrived on time. We would do our best with the systems we had, but sometimes we would process shipments that we just weren’t sure about."

PAMELA LEEK, Finance Manager, Pindari

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Pindari scales their procurement volume by 40 percent with the help of Procurify

Finance Manager Pamela Leek shares how Pindari successfully took on projects far beyond their usual scope by building a professional management structure and procurement process with Procurify.

Pamela and the team at Pindari needed a better way to manage their purchasing and receiving if they were to successfully take on bigger contracts. And with their head office a plane ride away from their working sites (receiving locations), a centralized system was paramount.

Enter Procurify. 

With our help, Pindari transformed from a company with limited visibility on orders to one with a seamless, centralized purchasing system, and they triumphantly scaled their procurement volume by 40 percent. What’s more, they also streamlined their purchasing policies across the organization.

Ride Hailing service Pathao transforms their Finance processes to be audit ready with Procurify

Handling the increase of spending for any growing startup is difficult. When your start up explodes in growth to operate in 15 cities with over 1000 employees, whatever you were doing just doesn’t cut it anymore.

From understanding purchases, having them coded correctly and just enabling the team to have a process for tracking all purchases, Asif and his finance team had a large project ahead of them.

Having a simple solution the entire organization could use was crucial to making a positive impact for Asif. Learn how he and Pathao improved processes and Audit proofed the company’s financial data by implementing Procurify.


"For audits, you have to keep documentation organized and accessible for around 10 years. This is much, much easier when things are digitized and categorized nicely in Procurify's system. We're on our third audit now and it's definitely much easier with Procurify. "

ASIF KHONDAKER, Director of Finance and Accounts, Pathao

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Spend Management

In modern business, lots of people need to spend money to do their jobs well. With more people involved, indirect spending tends to get messy.  Procurify means that more people can spend in a way that helps their company's goals, all while making things easier for finance.


Cennox Inc.

"Procurify really takes purchasing from being a specialized back-office process to being something that is accessible to all of our employees and makes it possible for all of them to participate in the purchasing process. I don’t think that level of participation would be possible with a traditional ERP system."

Kevin Broughton, Director of IT and Development.

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Going from post purchase approvals to a proactive spend culture.

When purchasing is no longer a back-office process, then it can be extended to everyone in your organization..

For Cennox, they had one headquarters with the majority of their employees working away from the office. Without a central location, most employees felt they needed to take purchasing into their own hands. It was kind of the wild west when it came to purchasing.

Thankfully, spend management doesn’t have to be a reactive process.

With Procurify, all purchasing and expenses could be sent through a centralized system, giving you more control and visibility into spending before you spend.

A Shift from inefficient purchasing processes to an empowered spend culture

For Asco Aerospace, the difficulty was, primarily, in managing and tracking their purchase and expense requests. Prior to Procurify, purchasing was managed on Excel spreadsheets. Whenever someone needed to make a purchase, a form needed to be printed out which required a physical signature from a supervisor.

Documents would get lost during the process, it made it difficult to track the progress of requests, and filing the paperwork to be useful in the future was an unnecessary pain.

Procurify replaced their convoluted manual purchasing process with a simple user friendly solution.

Asco Aerospace

"Procurify gave us a new level of control. With Procurify we have an electronic trail of everything from the minute a request is entered, to when it is approved, to how long it took to purchase."

David Osterhout, Project Buyer

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Spend Culture

Does your company’s Spend Culture match its strategic goals?  Procurify means maturing companies can effectively manage their Spend, while creating a proactive Spend Culture. Procurify enables this through accessible data, convenient process, and manageable controls.

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