Convenient request for quotation from multiple vendors

PEx makes your RFQ process more manageable; send out requests in minutes, see summarized quotes in a dashboard and communicate directly with vendors. All entirely for free


Procurify Exchange

Procurify Exchange is a two-way marketplace that connects buyers with vendors through a request for quote process. Put out competitive requests for quotes and access a pool of suppliers for your business purchases. Sign up for our upcoming release today and supercharge your sourcing.

PEx enables you to send out multiple quotes at the same time for the products you’re looking for

Centralize all your requests on Procurify Exchange and keep all your quotes in one place

Get quotes easily from your preferred Vendors or invite new vendors

Vendors can get on the platform instantly to respond to requests

Procurify Exchange for Buyers

Procurify Exchange empowers Buyers to get the most from their supplier relationships. Request for competitive quotes from your preferred vendors, or invite new ones.
  • Set a time limit on your quotes, and get responses from your vendors faster
  • All your quotes will be organized on dashboard, no more email spam
  • Message any vendor through PEx with our built-in chat app
  • Negotiate, ask questions on the products you’re looking for

Procurify Exchange for Suppliers

Seamlessly connect with your current customers and reach new ones.

Increase Sales
By joining Procurify’s continually expanding marketplace portal you  get instant exposure to an array of new buyers. Grow your network.

Real-Time Communication
The portal makes it easy to correspond with your clients on every transaction. Prevent errors with real-time communication.


Why use Procurify Exchange

Streamline Communication

Procurify’s Buyer Supplier Portal allows vendors to communicate more efficiently with customers. Take advantage of becoming a registered vendor and be listed in our marketplace. This exposure gives you the opportunity to find new clients while increasing orders with existing customers.

Advanced Shipment Notices

Update your shipment notices in real time and keep your buyers in the loop. The Buyer Supplier Portal instantly informs all parties whenever a shipment change is made. Tracking shipments has never been easier. Stay informed.

Easy Integration

PEx can be used on any device that has internet access and is extremely easy to implement across your entire organization. Unlike other marketplace platforms, listing and use of the portal is FREE for vendors.

Procurify and PEx

  • Procurify Exchange is both a standalone and integrated system with Procurify
  • Procurify Users already have have a PEx account, just log in with the same credentials as your Procurify account
  • Import your quotes into Procurify with 1 click and power up your sourcing process today


Simplicity, greater UX with indirect purchasing

Enhanced usability for interfacing

Next gen ERP to provide ERP data with insights and trends

Removing friction with data entry

Seamless integration with system

Order info to receipts

Ensure consistency with accurate data entry across your organization

Reducing additional double work/entries

Integrated workflow to improve your office processes

Complementary systems working together

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